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For TechMedic’s Joseph Provdo, expertise with electronics started at a young age. When he was just a child, he started taking things apart – not to destroy them, but to figure out how they work. “It just always came naturally to me,” he says. “Ever since I was young, I could take apart electronics and fix things.”

It didn’t take long for his skills to begin directing his course in life. Joe began working with hardware and software in high school when he ran the school’s television studio, and during the summer months he had a job that involved repairing arcade machines. Soon he found himself in San Diego working with tech for a film production company and maintaining software for CRS Data Solutions.

New Jersey beckoned, however. He returned to the Garden State in 2015, joined the TechMedic team in 2016, and has helped troubleshoot tech issues for people ever since. For Joe, it’s not a job, it’s an extension of the kind of things he does every day. “I’m the go-to guy for the family when it comes to troubleshooting,” Joe says. “I love fixing things. I love doing this.”

Joe’s specialty is computers – if there is a problem with your computer or laptop, chances are good he can diagnose it – though with TechMedic he gets a chance to shine with just about any kind of tech issue. He says broken screens on mobile devices are the most common problem he encounters, and that it’s usually something he can take care of easily.

So what advice does a tech expert offer to the layman to help keep problems to a minimum? “Always back up everything. Whether it’s to the cloud, whether it’s to an external drive, always back up your data because you never know when something will happen.”

You can find Joe at various TechMedic locations.