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When Andrew Walsh was young, you probably didn’t want to leave your gadgets out in the open when he was around. “I have always loved technology. When I was little I would take things apart and put them back together again,” he says. Window fans, computers, phones. “Pretty much anything you could take apart, I did.”

That constant desire to be tinkering ended up serving his friends and family well. He became the guy they all went to when something broke, figuring out the inner workings of the latest gadget and getting it running again. When Andrew joined the TechMedic team three years ago, he finally began putting those skills to work for the public.

Now, he specializes in smartphones and other mobile devices, helping diagnose problems and bring dead devices back to life. When he’s not doing that, Andrew is an avid gamer, enjoying games like World of Warcraft and the Final Fantasy series. “I play just about everything, from MMOs to first-person shooters.” But his foremost passion is working with technology – and that’s why he’s a part of the TechMedic team, where his ability to get mobile devices working helps our customers save money on device replacement.

As part of our team, Andrew sees every kind of problem imaginable, from water damage to ports that no longer function to bad batteries. The big one, however, is cracked screens. With that in mind, he has some simple advice for mobile device users: “Get a good case. Screen damage is some of the most expensive damage to fix. That’s where the money is. Put a case on it so you don’t get damage in the first place.”