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Cracked screens. Water damage. WiFi that won’t connect. Your smartphone is your connection to the world. You can’t live without it. Our technicians will make sure you won’t have to.
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Hardware upgrades. Virus removal. Replacing bad components. Or just plain diagnosing why your computer is no longer running properly. If you have a computer in need of repair, TechMedic can fix it.
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Unresponsive touchpads. Broken screens. Bad connections. Batteries that won’t charge. These problems don’t have to mean replacing your tablet – not when a TechMedic technician is on the scene.
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Video game consoles. WiFi devices. Laptops. Kindles, iPads & Nooks. Replacing a broken gadget is an expense no one wants to shoulder – but when you have TechMedic, you won’t have to.
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Kris Branco

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Andrew Walsh

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Joe Provdo

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Our Services

Smartphone & Tablet Repair

We know how important your smartphone or tablet is to you. It’s your connection to the world. You document your life with it, reach out to friends with it, and check restaurant reviews with it. You even spend your lunch break playing games on it. A broken device can be disastrous, but with TechMedic you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing a team of professionals can repair your cracked screen, water damage, battery that won’t charge, nonresponsive keyboard or touchpad, or other issue.
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Video Game Console & TV Repair

Video game enthusiasts are no strangers to hardware problems. Just ask any Xbox owner who has suffered from the “red ring of death” or Playstation owner who’s had a disc drive fail on them. System no longer under warranty? No worries! TechMedic’s team of gadget whizzes are not only expert video game players, they’re experts at repairing consoles, too. From Playstation to Xbox to Nintendo, from classic systems to modern consoles, we’ll make sure your favorite system is ready for game night.
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Virus Removal

Is your computer slowing to a crawl? Pop-ups plaguing your Internet experience? Is your home page something you’ve never heard of? You may have a computer virus – and that could mean bad news not just for your Web browsing experience, but for any passwords or sensitive data on your computer. Thankfully, the TechMedic team’s wealth of experience with virus removal can cure your PC and protect it from future ailments.
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Computer Repair

When your computer is running slowly, functioning erratically, or just plain doesn’t work anymore, don’t rely on a squad of geeks to get it back up and running again. TechMedic’s team of trained technicians have decades of combined experience building and repairing computers of all types. From faulty memory to a bad hard drive, failed power supply, or dead USB ports, we can save you the cost of a new system and put your system back to work again.
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Data Recovery

Few things are as devastating as a catastrophic data loss. Whether it’s losing years worth of family pictures, vital tax documents, sensitive business records, your digital music collection, or even just your contacts, the TecMedic team can reverse the damage and get your data back. We can recover data from desktop computers, laptops, phones, tablets, and more. It’s sometimes even possible to retrieve data from a dead hard drive!
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Custom Built PCs

Whether you want a cutting edge system suitable for high definition movies and PC gaming, an affordable computer for surfing the Internet at home, or a computer system customized for your unique business needs, the TechMedic crew can put it together for you. With decades of combined experience building computers, we can help you at every stage of the process, from choosing components to putting it all together. You’ll never buy a pre-fabbed computer again!
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Apple Products

Apple products make up a whopping 80% of our phone and mobile device repairs, far ahead of any other manufacturer!...

Broken Devices

Recent studies show that 33 percent of all cell phone / smartphone owners will break or damage their phone at some point....

Falling Damage

The number of of users who reported iPhones broken or damaged after dropping them. This is why cases are important!...

Water Damage

Percentage of iPhone users who reported ruining their phone after it fell into water or liquids, the second most common mishap....


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